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Age Divisions and Yardages

All boys and girls between the ages of 8-18 are eligible to participate on the HJGT. Once a player has begun attending college he or she will no longer be able to compete regardless of age. The following are the 2017 age divisions and approximate yardages at which they will compete:

Boys 16-18 and Boys 14-15  6,600-6,900 Yards

Boys 11-13  5,600-5,900 Yards

Boys under 10  4,900-5,100 Yards (caddies allowed at all events in 2017)

Girls 14-18   5,600-5,900 Yards

Girls under 13  5,000-5,200 Yards (caddies allowed at all events in 2017)

*Caddies only allowed for Girls under 13 and Boys under 10 divisions.

*A player’s age division is determined by his/her age during round two. A player can move up during the middle of the season. For example, if a player is 15 and turns 16 during the middle of the season, they will play the remainder of the season from the 16-18 division. Points do not roll over to another division. Players can earn points in two age divisions.

*In the event the Boys 10 and under or Girls 13 and under divisions have one player in the field, that player will be moved up one division automatically.


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