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Player Referral Program


The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) would like to express our gratitude to all of you for referring players to the HJGT over the past 10 years. In 2017, we are excited to introduce our brand new Player Referral Program that is state of the art that has never been created before in junior golf!

Throughout the 2017 HJGT season, if you refer 2 brand new players (players that have never played on the HJGT before) to the HJGT and they play in a 2017 event, you will receive $199 in your player account after the tournament. This gives you the opportunity to play a tournament at NO COST! There are no limits to the amount of players you can refer. The players that you refer will save $50 off an entry fee by using your code as well. The more players you refer, the more events you play with no cost. Help us #ShareTheExperience and receive rewards for your referrals.

 How to use this new program?

–          Log into your HJGT players account

–          Click on the “Rewards Tab”

–          Once you click on the rewards tab you will see your unique “Referral Code”

–          Share your code on social media, via email, at tournaments, in person, etc.

–          Once 2 brand new players COMPLETE an event you will receive $199 in your account automatically within 3 hours of them completing their event. Everything is automated and there is no need to call us, email us, track a link, etc.

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour has a great track record of players introducing other families and friends to our tournaments. This gives the juniors a chance to play with friends and have a great time competing against each other out on the golf course. The HJGT had over 2,300 kids play in our events in 2016 that were referred by a friend. This is our way of showing our appreciation to you. Take advantage of this great opportunity and we can’t wait to see you all on the golf course with your friends!